If one or some of your copyrighted materials has been dispatched or published on the or if, directly or indirectly, you identify with the copyrighted material, they are returned by our web index and you need to that material is evacuated or banned then the obligation that you must send a composite message that indicates the data recorded in the corresponding segment. If there are not many problems, know that you will be responsible for the payment (numbering costs and expenses of the legal advisors) with the chance to denigrate the information registered on our website that is invading your copyright. We recommend that you first contact your attorney for legitimate assistance in this matter.

Appropriate channel for the DMCA notice
The following parts should be included in the explanation of copyright infringement:

Transmitting employee evidence is the monitoring of the holder of a selective right that is obviously invaded.
Transport enough correspondence material so that we can associate with you. In addition, you must incorporate a substantial email address.
You need to organize in a sufficient perspective the violation of the copyrighted work and include at least one search term below which the information is displayed in the indexed lists on the
A report stating that the complaining party has better than average confidence and certainty that the use of the information in which it grumbled is not legitimate by the copyright holder, its experts or the law.
A report stating that the information in the statement is accurate and, as a result of malfeasance, that the complaining party is legitimate to accompany for the benefit of the holder of a selected right that is evidently invaded.
It is essential that the advertisement is marked by the approved individual to follow the interest of the holder of a selective right that is clearly being invaded.
Direct the recorded intrusion notification to the location you track and an email notice to Android Games Spot.

Give us 2-3 days, we will remove your content if you send us full details via the appropriate channel.

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