App Cloner APK 1.5.21 Premium Full Unlocked Mod For Android

App Cloner APK 1.5.21 Premium Full Unlocked Mod For Android Download

If you use multiple social media accounts or access multiple game accounts from the same device, App Cloner APK is the right solution. For users who want to use multiple accounts on the same phone, App Cloner Premium is the ideal application. As the name implies, it can help you clone applications and work independently.

App Cloner APK 1.5.21 Premium Full Unlocked Mod For Android

App Cloner APK Mod can extend the cloned apps with new features such as password protection, secretly delete files, hide Android id, and fake location. You can also make the app use data only over Wi-Fi. Every time you update App Cloner, you will get other options. The advanced version features a free version that allows basic copying. Win prizes and take advantage of various options.

App Cloner APK 1.5.21 Premium Full Unlocked Mod For Android:

App Cloner Premium APk is an essential tool for Android. This allows users to quickly export APK files from apps and run multiple accounts from similar apps on their devices.

App Cloner Premium Crack is an excellent app for anyone who wants a premium experience (like using multiple social media accounts or playing with other accounts). This application has a simple and easy to use interface. Also, users don’t need much programming knowledge. It can also be used on non-root devices. There are several ways to access two accounts simultaneously, such as GB Instagram, Dual Whatsapp, etc. However, few popular apps have this mod. With App Cloner Premium, you can clone any application.

Savings options:

  • Allow applications to be installed on SD card
  • External memory transfer
  • Clear cache on exit

Implementation options:

  • Remove the app widget and icon
  • Disable automatic startup
  • Disable application default

Network options:

  • Turn off mobile data and networks in the background
  • Proxy stock

Notification options:

  • Notification filter
  • Silent notification
  • Color change notification

Automation options:

  • Adjust brightness and stillness at startup
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth control without interruption

Multimedia options:

  • Total silence at startup
  • Turn off the camera and microphone
  • Disable the Chromecast button
  • Fake cameras
  • Disable tactical feedback

Navigation options:

  • Back float button
  • Confirm termination of the application
  • Shake to close the application
  • Press and hold the back key and fingerprint sensor actions.
  • Actions on key numbers
  • Block activity

Privacy options:

  • Password protected applications including hidden modes
  • Disable access to contacts, calendars, call history, notes
  • Newly excluded apps
  • Application secret navigation mode
  • Close applications off the screen.
  • Android ID changes, IMEI / IMSI hidden/random, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Bluetooth
  • Adjust the configuration accessories to avoid fingerprinting of the device
  • Hide Wi-Fi information, hide SIM and operator information
  • Issue the certificate and turn off the certificate request
  • Prevent screenshots
  • Fake GPS locations
  • Incorrect date
  • Hide roots
  • Disable auto-complete
  • Application mobile keyboard

Android TV and Wear OS options:

  • Support for Android TV launchers
  • Joystick indicators for incompatible applications.
  • Use of TV versions on mobile devices
  • Delete and create a clock application

App Cloner APK Mod:

  • The beginner’s patchwork
  • Unique graphics and resources are optimized for fast loading.
  • Fabric Crush Celtics are released
  • Manual data usage only (for reduced versions)
  • Anonymous data transfer error has been resolved.

App Cloner Full version function:

The full version offers the following features:

  • Facebook Messenger clone
  • WhatsApp replication
  • Start switching icons
  • Create multiple replicas of the application
  •  Replication of clock or clock mode applications
  • Save or share clone applications
  • Remove icon or launch widget
  • Allow/disable application backup
  • Allow installation of applications to external SD card
  • Disable default application settings
  • Disable automatic startup

App Cloner APK 1.5.21 Premium Full Unlocked Mod For Android

Some applications that can be duplicated:

  • Amazon Kindle
  • DropBox (does not include internal PDF viewer)
  • eBay
  • Facebook (languages ​​only available on Android 5.0 and higher)
  • Facebook Lite
  • Firefox
  • Flickering
  • diving boards
  • Instagram
  • lines
  • Netflix

WhatS New In-App Cloner Premium Mod?

  • Replace text in screen display options
  • Add start icon” start option
  • Impersonation support for “Affiliate Location Providers” based on Google Play Services
  • You can manually enter latitude and longitude using “fake location” without Google Play Services
  • Adds range parameters to top-level
  • Volume control indicator” display options
  • Developer options to add custom permissions
  • App Cloner installation service bug fixes
  • Fixed YouTube and GOJECT clone issues.
  • Improved replication on Android 4.x

How to install App Cloner APK 1.5.21 Premium?

  • Download the App Cleaner Profile.
  • Go to the mobile settings section, select security, and check Unknown sources (unknown or unreliable source).
  • Install the APK file until it is finished.
  • Run the App Cloner Pro application.

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